High Altitude Transition Zone in Himachal Pradesh (HATZ), Long term studies to assess the effects of global warming and trails to rehabilitate degraded sites in this zone.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Vaneet Jishtu
Duration: 2012-2017
Funding Agency: HPSFD

• Reconnaissance of high altitude transition zone in Kinnaur, Shimla, Kullu and Chamba districts, identify appropriate locations and set up ±5 permanent plots to assess and monitor on long term basis the impacts of climate change.
• Ecological and floristic baseline studies in these permanent plots.

Progress Achieved
Reconnaissance of the Transition Zones in the Project Area: On the basis of these exercises, sites were identified and five permanent plots identified: three in the Sutlej Basin, one each in Ravi and Beas Basins. Reconnaissance was also carried out for obtaining the basic information in respect of the sites such as broad floristic composition, occurrence of any red listed plant species and their population status, incidence of biotic pressures and degradation status and GPS coordinates for mapping purposes. The following sites, short-listed on the basis of reconnaissance plan and literature consultation, were visited during the period of report, a) Sutlej Catchment (Kinnaur), b) Beas Catchment (Kullu) and c) Ravi Catchment (Chamba).