Identification of distinct traits for DUS for conifers (PPV& FRA, New Delhi).
Principal Investigator: Dr. Rajesh Sharma
Duration: 2010-2014 (September)

• To identify and define Distinct Traits in Pinus roxburghii and Cedrus deodara in respect of Needle length and Colour, Bark, Branching pattern, Cone Size and shape and Crown form.

• Twelve populations of Pinus roxburghii and twelve populations for Cedrus deodara were surveyed for distinct traits.
• The observations with regard to needle length and colour have been found to vary considerably in Lahaul forest of deodar and Platu forest for Chir pine.
• The guidelines for DUS traits in conifers are being formulated by a committee constitute by the funding agency.
• The observations with regard to distribution of the species and on morphometric traits were recorded. The selected populations are also being assessed for their wood quality traits.