Population genetic analysis of Himalayan Banj Oak (Quercus leucotrichophora) forests and its pertinence to genetic conservation.
Principal Investigator: 1) Dr. H. S. Ginwal, FRI, Dehradun
2) Dr. Rajesh Sharma, HFRI, Shimla

Duration: 2011-2015

• To describe the distribution of the genetic diversity within and among population in central Himalayan Banj Oak through DNA markers.
• To develop population structure and estimate gene flow in Banj Oak forest.
• To identify genetically unique populations and recommend for their genetic conservation.

• Samples from ten populations of different geographical regions in HP were collected and were submitted at Genetics lab FRI D.Dun for DNA analysis.
• Standardization and purification of PCR conditions is being done at FRI D. Dun.
• Leaf samples from thirty distantly located trees within the populations were collected from five populations during the year.
• Isolation of genomic DNA and PCR conditions for scoring of polymorphic loci for genetic diversity is being done at genetic lab FRI, D. Dun.