Studies on seed germination and longevity of Abies spectabilis (D.Don) Spach.
Principal Investigator: Sh. P. S. Negi
Duration: 2011-2016

• To carry out survey for identifying the natural population of Abies spectabilis in Himachal Pradesh.
• To develop maturity indices for seed collection and suitable pre- sowing treatments for enhancing seed germination.
• To find out optimum storage conditions and containers for enhancing seed germination.
• Development of extension material and dissemination of research findings to the end users.

• Extensive surveys conducted and identified 25 natural populations of Abies spectabilis in seven Forest Divisions of Himachal Pradesh.
• Germination trials of seeds treated with different pre-sowing treatments and seed collected under different collection time laid out in the Laboratory and Nursery.
• Seed storage trials laid out in the laboratory by using different storage containers and storage environment and viability of stored seeds tested periodically.