Isozyme variation in natural populations of Pinus gerardiana(Neoza Pine).
Principal Investigator: Dr. Rajesh Sharma
Duration: 2011-2015

• To determine the level of genetic diversity in different populations.
• To assess the genetic variation within and between Neoza pine population growing under different geographical area and assessment of morphometric traits.
• To demarcate these populations based on isozyme analysis for their conservation.
• To study the regeneration status of the species

• Populations of Chilgoza Pine were surveyed for variation in morphometric traits and regeneration status.
• Candidate Plus Trees were marked in different populations to collect seed from them through the right holders.
• Ten populations from Kinnaur and Chamba districts were assayed for the enzyme systems namely MDH, IDH, SKDH, MNR, 6PGDH, ADH and GDH for genetic diversity in populations
• Progeny trials for genetic variations are in progress.