Survey and mapping of ashtvarga groups of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP’s) in Himachal Pradesh.
Principal Investigator: Dr Vaneet Jishtu

Duration: 2012-2017
Funding Agency: ICFRE-Plan

• To assess the population status of selected medicinal plants in selected areas of Himachal Pradesh.
• To determine optimum harvest limits for selected medicinal plants in different zones of its occurrence.
• To impart training to people and field staff in scientific and sustainable way of extraction of selected medicinal plants.

Progress achieved::
Extensive surveys were undertaken to cover the entire state for finalizing sites for studies. In the first part of the survey stress was on the availability of these Ashtavarga medicinal plants in the existing forests and grasslands. After the pilot surveys, sites for ecological studies to be finalized. A suitable questionnaire to gather information from stake holders has been also developed. A nursery has been developed near Shimla for maintaining the Germplasm of these Ashtavarga plant species. Besides, herbaria sheets have been prepared of the Ashtavarga plant species along with their associates for record of the herbarium, after following standard procedures.