National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB) conservation project.
Principal Investigator: Dr Vaneet Jishtu
Duration: 2013-2016
Funding Agency: HPSFD

• Establishment of MPCAs for priority medicinal plants.
• Augmenting populations of these species within the MPCA.
• Putting in practice strategies for their sustainable management.

Progress Achieved:
Field survey was undertaken to various parts of Himachal Pradesh during March, 2013 to identify viable wild populations of medicinal plants assessed as ‘threatened’ in the Shimla CAMP Workshop, 2010. Surveys were undertaken to the sites already shortlisted by the partner institution (HPSFD). These areas are to be designated as MPCA’s (Medicinal Plant Conservation Areas) and properly demarcated. Educational material for community awareness and education was developed in the form of posters and pamphlets. Capacity building programme for forest staff in identification of species and their management was conducted at Sairopa for the field staff of the State Forest Department.