Establishment of Western Himalayan Temperate Arboretum (WHTA) at Potter Hill Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Vaneet Jishtu

Funding Agency: HPSFD

With the aim of ex situ conservation of temperate Himalayan native tree flora including endemic and endangered species, an arboretum is being established at Potter's Hill, near Shimla. The project is being implemented by the Wildlife Wing of the State Forest Department, with the technical assistance from Himalayan Forest Research Institute (HFRI), Shimla. The basic purpose of this arboretum is to conserve the gene pool besides it will have a vital role in the rehabilitation of species affected by the numerous developmental/hydro-projects, mushrooming in the state, besides opening newer avenues for urban landscaping of Shimla town. This Western Himalayan Temperate Arboretum (WHTA) at Potter Hill is growing native trees in ex situ conservation collections. This ambitious project will research and encourage people for their use in urban landscaping and on home gardens: temperate tree species are conserved and people are made aware about the role of native species in human sustenance. Today, there is an ever increasing need to maintain the diversity of native tree species in the region, safeguarding the benefits from such diversity for future generations. WHTA from Potter Hill can serve as a guiding force for implementing similar native tree conservation programmes in the region. Hence, this project will make a beginning for better, more resilient native tree diversity in the NW Himalayan region.