Standardization of nursery technology for mass propagation of selected medicinal plant species.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sandeep Sharma
Duration: 2001-2007

• Germplasm of important temperate medicinal plants of Himalayas were collected and maintained for research, training and demonstration purposes in Brundhar nursery (Manali), Shilly nursery, Solan, Shillaru Nursery (Shimla) and Model Nursery, Baragaon (Shimla) as one of the important activity under this project.
• Improved the nursery techniques of economically important medicinal plant species e.g. Picrorhiza kurrooa (Karu), Aconitum heterophyllum(Patish), Valeriana jatamansi (Mushkbala), Angelica glauca (Chora) etc.
• Macro-proliferation techniques have been developed for the multiplication of Picrorhiza kurrooa and Valeriana jatamansiin the nursery.
• A nursery implement namely ‘Multiple Nursery Planting Bar’ was designed fabricated and commissioned for maintaining desired spacing of Valeriana jatamansi i.e. 9 plant/m2 in the nursery.
• Traditional Ethnobotanical knowledge on medicinal plants was documented by interviewing selected people of Kullu, Solan and Shimla Districts through a semi-structured questionnaire.