Production of quality planting material of Picrorhiza kurrooa Royle ex Benth&Valeriana jatamansi Jones and extension of their cultivation technology to local communities’ (NMPB, New Delhi funded project)
Principal Investigator: Dr. Sandeep Sharma
Duration: 2004-2008

• Successfully commissioned Polyhouse and Shade house at Brundhar medicinal plant nursery near Manali for large scale multiplication of Kutki (Picrorhiza kurrooa) and Mushkbala (Valeriana jatamansi).
• The overall target for the production of 4.0 lacs Quality Planting Material (QPM) of Kutki and Mushkbala was given by NMPB, New Delhi under this project whereas as the Institute had raised 4.65 lacs QPM of Kutki and Mushkbala in different nurseries and distributed among local communities and other stakeholders.
• Under extension activities of the project, Institute had organized four no. two days training and demonstration programme. Two pamphlets and one booklet in simple Hindi on cultivation of Kutki and Mushakbala for the benefit of medicinal plants sector were complied, published and distributed among various stakeholders