Assessment of nutritional status of most preferred wild edible plants of Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh.

Principal Investigator: Dr. A. Rajasekaran
Duration: 2008-2012
Funding Agency: ICFRE
  1. To prioritize most preferred wild edible plants for assessing nutritional value
  2. To assess the nutritional value of prioritized wild edible plants.
  3. To disseminate the research findings to the stakeholders for wider application

Information on wild edible plants was collected from different regions of Kinnaur district. A total of 168 wild edible plant species belonging to sixty five families and 113 genera were recorded from the study area. Among wild edible plants, Rosaceae was recorded as the most dominant family with twenty three wild edible plant species. Within the edible plants, fruits and leaves are the most widely used plant parts followed by seeds and underground parts. For dissemination of research findings, meetings/discussions were organized for different target groups’ particularly rural people and frontline staff of State Forest Department.