Inventorization, documentation of plant diversity and to evolve site-specific management strategies for conservation of various sacred groves in Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh

Principal Investigator: Dr A. Rajasekaran
Duration: 2005-2008
Funding Agency: Funded by GB Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Development, Almora)

• To inventorize and document the plant diversity of sacred groves
• To assess the regeneration status of trees in sacred groves in comparison to the adjacent forest area
• To evolve site-specific management strategies for rejuvenation and conservation of sacred groves
• To create awareness among the local community for conservation of sacred groves
A total of 33 sacred groves were recorded in the valley. Out of 33 studied sacred groves, 4 sacred groves are of small size (< 5 bigha), 16 sacred groves of medium size (6-25 bigha) and 13 of larger size (>26 bigha). Of the 33 sacred groves, 25 are associated with the male deity and 8 with female deity. A total of 224 plant species belonging to 72 families and 172 genera were recorded. The plant species were dominated by herbs (151) followed by trees (35), shrubs (21) and other growth forms.