Studies on natural regeneration of Pinus gerardiana Wall. In Himachal Pradesh.

Principal Investigator: Dr. A. Rajasekaran
Duration: 2005-2006
Funding Agency: Under USDA pine project of FRI)

• To assess the natural regeneration of the species in Himachal Pradesh
• To organize village level meeting/discussion for the sustainable utilization and conservation awareness

Quadrat study was conducted in Kinnaur and Bharmour Forest Division to assess population status of adult trees and natural regeneration. The major reasons for decline in Chilgoza population were i) Harvesting of almost every mature cone, ii) the cones are damaged by cone borer insects (Dioryctria abietella & Euzophera drella) birds, squirrels and rodents, iii) Grazing by domestic animals and iv) habitat destruction . Construction of road networks, buildings and dams (Hydro-electric projects) result in uprooting of trees and also reduce the habitat of the tree. Similarly construction of road injures the root of the tree and also exposes the root. Soil compaction around the tree also occurs near roads and buildings which cut off water and oxygen to tree roots. Village level meeting was organized to sensitize people about the Neoza.