Survey and Bio-ecology of Potential Insect-Pests and Pathogens of Cone and Seeds of Pinus gerardiana Wall.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Pawan Kumar, Scientist-C
Duration: 2008-2011

The study has lead to total view of insects and pathogens threshold on seeds and cones of Pinus gerardiana and in turn will help in formulating suitable control strategies against pests and pathogens of seeds and cones of Pinus gerardiana in future. Study on survey of insect pests and pathogens of cones and seeds of Chilgoza conducted during past two years, reveals that both cones and seeds of this species are prone to insect pests and pathogens. The study will definitely help as base line information to develop control measures against the insect borers as well as the pathogens attacking the cones and seeds of Pinus gerardiana. It was observed that cones are infected by cone borer Dioryctria abietella throughout the range of natural occurrence of Chilgoza pine. No pathogen attack was found on the cone, whether infected by insect borer. Detailed of observations on cone borer are as follow:

Initial Infection in the Field

Closer View

Healthy Cone Infected Cone Healthy Cone

Eggs of D. abietella