Survey, Biology and Control of Insect-Pests of Important Medicinal Plants in Himachal Pradesh. (HFRI-033/06(FPT-06)Plan 2005-10)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ranjeet Singh, Scientist-F
Duration: 2005-2010

Significant Achievement: Biopesticides viz. Neem cake @ 500 gm / m2, Grownim @ 5.0 % and summer oil @ 5.0 % is proved to be effective to keep the population of Thysanoplusia orichalcea Fabr. (Lepidoptera ; Noctuidae) below Economic Threshold Level in Field.

Newly hatched larva from egg

Mature Larva in action

Parasitised larva of Thysanoplusia orechalcia