Ecological Assessment, Collection, Multiplication and Establishment of Clonal Banks of the Superior Genotypes of Economically Important Hill Bamboos (Arundinaria spp.) in Himachal Pradesh.

Principal Investigator: Dr. K.S.Kapoor, Scientist-F

The study revealed that Arundinaria falcata form moderately dense to under-growth in the ban oak and deodar forests especially where the tree canopy has natural break whereas T. spathiflorus normally forms big patches in the fir, spruce and moru oak foresrts. The wild population of only two species of hill bamboos viz. A. falcate and T. spathiflorus existed in the State. The plants of these two species were collected from various locations of Himachal Pradesh and Clonal banks were established at two sites measuring 2 ha each at Forest Area adjoining Brundhar Research Station and Chhichhar Forest area under Kumarsain Range of Kotgarh Forest Division. The clonal banks established will serve as the demonstration plantation to the local populace and artisans as well.